February 10, 2013 :: A quick update to share with you the link to “Interception” – the short film written by Dahn Dior Ballard and starring Alimi, Dylan, and Rob. You’ll find the link on the Media page, under Videos. This information has also been added to Dylan’s filmography page. And we’ve added a couple pictures from Dylan’s Twitter to the Social Media gallery.

Until next time, be good or be good at it! 

January 20th, 2013 :: Happy 2013 every one! We’ve got a couple of big updates for you today.

First and foremost, the REAL Dylan Bruno is officially on Twitter. This has been confirmed by Emmeli Bruno, Chris Bruno, and Alimi Ballard via Twitter and/or Facebook. You can now keep up to date with Dylan on Twitter @dylanbruno12. (You’ll find a direct link on the Links page.)

Joining in the fun, we at DylanBruno-Online have also decided to sign up for Twitter. You can follow us @DBrunoOnline to find all the updates to the site.

Given this boost in social media for Dylan, we have changed “Alimi’s Twitter Pics” gallery to “Social Media Photos” and have updated the folder with some pics posted by Dylan, Emmeli, and Rob Morrow to go along with Alimi’s pics.

Additionally, we’ve finally added screencaps from the two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy which featured Dylan (about this time last year. OOPS! Sorry for dropping the ball on that one, ladies and gentlemen.)

We’ve redone the Deer Valley Celebrity Ski Fest 2012 gallery to include more photos, all without watermarks from Zimbio.com

Courtesy of Dylan and Emmeli at Twitter, we’ve also added an article from the LA Times to the Media Page. Photos from this article can be found in the Miscellaneous Photos and Scans section of the gallery.

A couple final notes: The webmiss for our affiliate site, the lovely Sluna, has confirmed that the Facebook account “Colby Dylan Granger” is NOT the real Dylan Bruno. We are still investigating the “official” website for Dylan Bruno, but the evidence we have is pointing us toward dylanbruno.com NOT being a legitimate official site (to be official, you have to be associated with Dylan and/or his management team.) Again, we will keep you posted with any updates we receive.

Lastly, in the event we do not update before then, this February 14th will mark the 5th year of this website’s existence. And we just want to say Thank You for sticking around and helping us keep this site as up-to-date and accurate as we can. We certainly wouldn’t be here without you.

Continue to take care of each other and be well! Until next time…