Art, LJ Icons & Wallpapers :: All art created by mustangcandi unless otherwise noted in the photo caption. Work other than mustangcandi's was given to this site as a gift, so please credit our wonderful friends appropriately if you take and/or share.


Video - It’s Too Late :: A fan made video recapping Colby’s integration back into the FBI team after the events of The Janus List and Trust Metric. A  webmiss favorite!

Video – Don’t Forget Me :: A video made by your webmiss recalling Colby’s thoughts during The Janus List and Trust Metric

Video - I’ll Be Your Man :: Another video by your webmiss – this one without a story…simply serving the purpose of eye candy. Enjoy. 

Video – Welcome To Wherever You Are :: Another video by Sue – the tale of Colby Granger discovering he’s exactly where he belongs. 

Video – Let the Bodies Hit the Floor :: The latest video from your webmiss. The theme: Super!Colby. Do I really need to say anything more? *g* 

Video – I Wanna Have Your Babies :: A late night creation from your webmiss, purely for silliness and the adorableness that is Colby Granger. 

Video – Pale :: A lovely video by Bleu4bleu set to the hauntingly beautiful tune of “Pale” by Within Temptation, recounting the tale of The Janus List and Trust Metric. A new favorite… Enjoy. 

Video – Everything Changes :: Another video by your webmiss, made for the 1 Year Later Challenge at SaveColby.

Video – He Aint Heavy, He’s My Brother :: Another video from Sue also submitted for the 1 Year Later Challenge at SaveColby… taking us through the moments and memories of Colby’s friendship with Dwayne. Includes audio from key moments. Very well done. 

Video – Tick, Tick… Boom! :: A video inspired by the Colby & David themed picspam at SaveColby with the song suggested by Michele (aka pruehall). The boys at work and at play… Enjoy! 

Video – Sell Me Candy :: More Colby eye-candy created by your webmiss. Colby being sexy, smug, pensive, cute, sweet… all that he does best. Hope you like. (This is a downloadable video – please right click and save to conserve bandwidth.)

Video – Believe :: Colby Granger – teammate, friend, hero… if you just believe in him. A video by your webmiss, inspired instantly the first time I heard the song. Enjoy.